Clem Leek

Clem Leek is music composer and sound designer from England, who drifts in fields of post-classical, ambient and post-rock music.

Clement LeekClement played piano from a very young age and after some time he learned to play some other music instruments.

He studied Creative arts on Bath Spa University after which he finished also a master degree of Music composition. His music was influenced by neo-classical authors as Max Richter, Ketih Kenniff, Nils Frahm and also minimalists Steve Reich a Philip Glass.

His songs are very personal and they are collected on albums Lifenotes (2011), on which he combine guitar and piano, Holly Lane (2010), where he explore sound space of classical music. His last album is Rest (2013), which is connected with delicate guitar work.

Clem Leek also co-operates with video artists and TV and movie companies.

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