Lemolo are based in Seattle, Washington and they started in 2009. Lemolo consists of two young ladies Meagan a Emily.

lemolo2Meagan (voice, guitar, keyboards) and Emily (drums, synth) got together in fall 2013, after the former drummer quit the band. So Meagan is the foundation stone of Lemolo.

Their music is very gentle and minimalistic in all aspects. The voice is rythm based, but the melodies aren't sidelined. The whole arrangement of the songs are cut down to the state, where nothing's left over and nothing's missing. We can describe them as a dream pop band. In their songs you can notice very strong 90's grunge influence.

But the best thing is, that thanks to the US Embassy in Prague we are able to bring Lemolo on Degeneration NEXT 2014. They never played anywhere else than west coast of USA and a tour around Europe is one of their big dreams. Well, it's going to happen.

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