Plastic Swans

Plastic Swans arise in 2007 in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. The base of their songs are made in connection of non-traditional poetical lyrics, guitars, electronis and old analog keyboards.



Plastic Swans has released already two albums, sang in English – EP Plastic Swans from 2008 and full-lenght debut Mingled Stories from 2010. Some of their songs are beloved by the Slovakian Radio_FM. They performed in almost every club in Slovakia and many festivals – Žakovic Open, Easthetic, Topfest či Barbakan. Another concerts brought them to Austria or Czech Republic, where they were one of bands playing on stage of the first introducing concerts of Degeneration NEXT festival on 1st November 2010 at Melodka, Brno. As a special guest they played with bands like Lavagance, Diego, Rara Avis and others.

Year 2011 is significant in transformation of their lyrics into Slovak language. 24th April they released the first single – Poľana and they made all their songs possible to download.
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